Struggling with your marketing? Let me help you fall in love with it
Working with me is the loveliest way to get to grips with your marketing. I give you the advice and confidence you need to do your marketing yourself: making your marketing realistic, easy and practical for you to do.

After all, there is no one better to promote your own business than you!

 As a marketing mentor my aim is to help you get good at, and fall in love with, your own marketing so that you can do it yourself.
Whether you want to stop being pants at Facebook, come along to a #MarketingForMummies group or work with me on a one-to-one basis for mentoring I promise that you’ll soon love your marketing more than you ever thought possible.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to fall in love!


#Facebook 30

#FacebookThirty is where I use my love of common sense marketing to help you give your Facebook posts an injection of inspiration.

If you’re a pre-start, start-up, mumpreneur or simply any sort of business owner the #FacebookThirty Workbook should be in your book shelf (in fact, it should be on your desk, full of ideas and scribbles).



#MarketingForMummies is for you if you run your own business and need to come up with good, practical and do-able marketing ideas.

You probably have the time to do your marketing, but because you’re so used to being something else in your former, pre-business, life you just can’t get your brain to come with marketing ideas!


Marketing Mentoring

As a Marketing Mentor I’m here to help you get good at & fall in love with your own marketing

I help you come up with ideas and give you the confidence to put those ideas into practice. I do that by supporting you and championing you but at the same time giving you a push, a shove and a nudge to bloody well get your marketing done.

Want Fab Free Facebook Marketing Tips? Sign-up to my #FacebookThirty Workbook!

Grab the #FacebookThirty freebie; 30 ideas for posts, a gorgeous planner, printable poster, plus 7 daily emails each with a detailed idea for a post. Just sign up and receive your gifts straight away.

#FB30 is fab, free and will help you treat your page with some TLC #HappyPosting

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Lets Go!