How asking led Lindsey to magazine coverage and 8m views

You can only ask – what’s the worst they can say?

“No” is usually the answer to that!

When one of #FB30 challengers decided to ask she got results far beyond her expectations; including magazine coverage with an 8m distribution for FREE.

When asking becomes fun.

When as a small business starting out you can put yourself out there and be willing to take it on the chin if nothing happens, just imagine what could go your way if by asking, things really did start to happen?

That’s exactly what Lindsey Porter of Yoga~Nu~U / is finding out. A worn out, but successful Project Manager in banking and mum of 2 small boys, Lindsey transformed her wellbeing last year by making big changes and bravely following her passion for yoga. One of her first ideas inspired by the FB30 page, YAF31 – Yoga Around Falkirk, posting a yoga pose picture every day for a month in a different place of interest around Falkirk, quickly gained interest and exposure in her local Falkirk Herald newspaper. Armed with her favourite mantra of ‘I can only ask’, in the last 9 months she has built up to running 7 classes of yoga a week including private and group classes, developing and co-hosting Scottish Wellbeing Retreats and exploring a new found interest in writing articles – which this August resulted in her ‘My Story’ article being published in the international leading YOGA magazine. Hats off to Lindsey or should that be Yoga Mats off! And it sounds like there are plenty more exciting opportunities opening up with the more she asks. From one of her latest questions put out there, she is now in discussion with local care homes talking about offering Chair Yoga to residents. So what’s stopping you from making that call, putting pen to paper or thought into an email – just go for it!


And Lindsey’s top marketing tip to share with us all: Take a second look at all the marketing emails, direct mails, free magazines that pass your way and think about what things others are doing in their field that you could creatively apply to yours. Recently Lindsey started a ‘Yoga in 3’ Graffiti wall. A simple but effective way of encouraging people to reflect on what yoga means to them and help inspire others, in just 3 words. This idea came from seeing a charity promotion about asking volunteers to write in 3 words what it means to them to volunteer. Genius!

And you can keep up to date with Lindsey’s offerings and ideas at: FB page: Yoga~Nu~U.